Monday, March 30, 2009

Template for Mini Comic Pages

As promised during last week's template meeting, here is a Photoshop template for mini-comic/sketchbook layout compatible with the printer in lab 352 (ATL352LB). Remember to use your OWN paper if you want decent quality. The long stapler will be available from office #346 (Shawn and Chris's office) starting on Tuesday.

Don't forget to get your stuff ready before Saturday, and don't forget to go to FLUKE small-press and Mini-comic expo!

Click this link, and the pdf file will automatically download:


Friday, March 27, 2009

Temple T-shirt Design

You read correctly. We will be designing an official t-shirt for the Temple of Cartoon Mojo! Only the best will be selected for use but is still not guaranteed. This has to be the best of the best, high quality, professional, well designed and illustrated, representative of the students and this group, and overall just amazing! This can not be stressed enough! There is no second place! To prove it, if we do not receive the high quality we absolutely require for this t-shirt design, it will be completed by faculty.

Why are we doing this? This is in preparation for HEROES Convention in Charolette, NC, June 19th to 21st. We have the opportunity to earn the Temple table space in Artists' Alley at the convention! It's not guaranteed though. Graduate students Doug Dabbs and Olu Ajagbe are in charge of collecting work from you students to present to HEROES to get the table approved. (If the table gets approved they will also be in charge of designing that table.) Yet again, we need the best of the best! So please collect your best sequential work and give it to Doug or Olu (or Nolan will also accept it).

So why are we needing better than fantastic work? Because if this happens, if we get a table at HEROES, you will be presenting yourselves at the convention next to professionals in the industry. YOU WILL NEED TO BE JUST AS PROFESSIONAL! This can't be stressed enough. This is an opportunity to get experience behind the tables at a convention, selling your own works, and networking. The t-shirts are for people manning the table and any other SCAD-ATL student who is there helping in order to make us appear just as cohesive as we truly are. We could be a powerhouse if we do this right. So get on it!

And stay tuned for more news on this event as it develops. Could be exciting!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meet your SEQA Officers

SEQA-ATL faculty as understood by a student. We know who you are. Put the brush down. Put your hands on your head. Turn around slowly. Anything you draw can be used against you in a court of Temple. Thankfully, this is funny.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Skydoll Challenge

Joy Taney
Jonathan Knight
Julie Godwin

BONE Challenge

Travis Evans
Clayton Forrister
Jonathan Knight

Spring Break Challenge

The spring break challenge is to draw any character from a comic book/graphic novel you are currently reading. We've done it before in the past with great results and helps us share what's on our individual reading lists. Have a great spring break and we'll see you next week!