Friday, September 26, 2008

The Worshiping Hour

The Temple Kicked off HUGE today! Thanks all for coming, and please keep coming. It was a BLAST!
Cara tried to ignore Schweizer's ramblings while she worked.
Domo felt the PAIN of Irene's sketchbook. If only she could get to class on time!
Domo feels better after Hung reminds him there's no hope for him.
Julie, oh Julie.

SEQA Rox the HOUSE...

... at the Majors Fair. Thanks in BIG part to our awesome students!!!!! We were the most attended booth at the show. ROCK ON SEQA!
Cara beats up on Hung.
Schwiezer gives the hard sell.
Nolan looks crazy, while his sculpture IS crazy!

Olu's Mojo

Here are some shots from Olu's sculpture, from Creature Design. We have a ton of great sculpture now. We'll post more very soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vote for Sketch Challenges

We're going to do something new for Fall with the weekly Sketch Challenges. In the past, faculty have decided the weekly theme with some help from students from time to time. Now it's going to be up to students entirely! We've begun a Poll in the left column of the blog to determine the weekly theme of the challenge. So go vote on the next Sketch Challenge!

Also, if you have suggestions for the Poll please email Nolan and he can add it to the Poll. There will never be more than five options on the Poll at any one time so as themes are selected new themes will replace them. This way the challenge will always be up to date and fresh. So send in those suggestions too! Nolan will stockpile suggestions and use them as needed.

As always, once a challenge is announced it is permanently open. You can complete any challenge at any time. (That means any Sketch Challenge listed on the Temple you can still do!) To submit your sketch, scan it in RGB and email Nolan a 72dpi JPG of it. Submissions get posted as they are received. Sketches can be done in any medium and any quality but must focus on the weekly theme. To see past Sketch Challenges go here!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Firebreather Finalists and Update

Before we get to the finalists I want to announce this is now an open and ongoing challenge! Please continue to work on and submit to the Firebreather Pin-Up Challenge! Specific information can be found here.

On to the exciting news. Congratulations to Hung Le and David Bonilla! Phil Hester has selected their entries into the Firebreather Pin-Up Challenge to be printed in an upcoming issue of Firebreather. Check out their work below and pick up the ongoing comic Firebreather!

David Bonilla

Hung Le

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to Fall Quarter '08

Welcome, new students! Welcome back, returning students!

The summer, as you can see, was very low key, slow, and quiet. Now we're back for the beginning of Fall quarter with the largest student body the SCAD-ATL campus has ever seen at full speed ahead! There will be many exciting events this quarter from Editors' Day to GENER24E (the 24 hour annual event). We even have very exciting announcements to make about new faculty and student work being published professionally. Stay posted for more information!

For the new SEQA students in ATL, the Temple of Cartoon Mojo hosts weekly meetings on Fridays usually from noon to 4pm in room 347. It's a time to get extra help and a chance to get to know other students in the department. It's not limited to SEQA students either. All students are welcome. The first Friday of the quarter faculty will be busy in quarterly meetings so official meetings will begin September 26th (but that doesn't mean if students want to hold their own Temple meeting this Friday they can't). We hope to see you all there!