Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Heroes Con 2011 is fast approaching, and the Temple of Cartoon Mojo is getting ready to represent! In the interest of getting some of our art out there and introducing people to The Temple, Max Currie is spearheading an anthology that is open to submissions from any student, past or present, to be handed out to creators and fans at Heroes Con this year:


Temple of Cartoon Mojo is putting together a mini sketchbook/anthology of student work to promote the department at Heroes Con. The title of the book is “SIGHTINGS” in reference to the sightings of modern legendary creatures such as; The Jersey Devil, The Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, ETC. Every submission must pertain to the theme of “legendary creature sightings”.

There will be two types of submissions. Students have an opportunity to submit a single page pinup or a one-to-three page comic. See guidelines below.

Must be a current student or past student of SCAD ATLANTA. All contributions must be submitted to Templeofcartoonmojo@gmail.com by MAY 20th. All submissions must be black and white 600 dpi JPG files at a 2x3 ratio, with NO BLEEDS and NO TWO-PAGE SPREADS and should be submitted using the naming convention. In addition, this book is meant to represent the department, so any submissions containing inappropriate or blatantly offensive material will not be used.

TEMPLE_(your last name)_(your first name)_(submission type)_(extra descriptors).jpg

If you contribute anything to the anthology, you’ll get 5 copies of the anthology after print. We encourage you to show up in room 347 on May 27th and 28th to help with print and book construction. If you do show up, you’ll receive an extra 5 copies of the anthology for each page/pinup you submitted total.

Example; a person who submits a three-page comic and a pinup will receive five copies. If they show up to help on the book construction days in May, they’ll receive 20 extra copies of the anthology.

Single Page Pinup Guidelines:

Student pinups must contain a creature of modern legend. The pinup should have some form of narrative that pertains to the theme of said creature being discovered. There must be environmental elements, and the piece should have a professional level of quality and completion.

One to Three Page Comic Guidelines:

One to three page comic submissions must contain a creature of modern legend, and pertain to the theme of the book.