Monday, June 29, 2009

HEROES photos

As promised, photos of our recent HEROES experience!

The SCAD booth! Everyone did a great job manning the table and promoting the school. Honestly, the department makes it an easy sell. We rock.

Some of the SCAD-ATL SEQA crew hanging outside the Westin.

Doug Dabbs enjoying some sketch time at the Temple tables.

Doug Dabbs squash your face!

Grad Student Pat Bollin and his girlfriend Renee with none other than Jeff Smith.

Clay Nash is... incredible?!

This Imperial was looking for some protection money from the Temple tables but the Force is strong with our students.

And he ended up taking photos with undergrad Irene Strychalski...

...and Professor June Brigman...

... but Remington Veteto wasn't buying it. He knew the truth.

That's right, only at SCAD-ATL are all of your faculty members published and working professionals but one is an official Stormtrooper with the 501st: Professor Nolan Woodard.

Can't wait for next year!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wolverine By Prof. June Brigman

HEROES Success!

This past weekend the SEQA-ATL department was at HEROES. In total, we had FOUR TABLES! That's a great representation of our faculty and students and we're proud to say it was a huge success and the students made us all proud.

As Professor Roy Richardson commented, "Attendance at all the SCAD workshops doubled (and even tripled in some cases) compared to last year. Many thanks to everyone from SCAD Atlanta and Savannah for all their hard work, and to Shelton, Dusty, and their entire crew for another great show!" We all agree. Thanks, guys!

In fact, Dusty was so nice he setup all of the ATL tables next to one another. First up was the prolific and fun Professor Chris Schweizer promoting his book "Crogan's Vengeance"! He's posted his own report about the convention here.

Next to him was the ever talented Dean Pat Quinn (seen below: the rare no-suit variant figure) with tons of pages from the comics he's drawn over the years.

And next to him were TWO tables for the Temple of Cartoon Mojo! Pat Bollin, Cara McGee, Allen Spetnagel, and Doug Dabbs shared their fortune with other students and all really made their presence known and showed our students are here to stay and here to succeed!

So all in all, Professor Nolan Woodard would like to give this convention a big...

All students who have additional photos, please email them to Nolan at his SCAD address. He'll collate them all and make a big HEROES photo post with them!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SCAD Professors to Give Free Workshops At Heroes Con.

SCAD/Atlanta Sequential Professors June Brigman and Roy Richardson will be conducting free workshops at Heroes Con in Charlotte this weekend.

June will be covering Character Design on Sat. at 2:00, and Roy will be discussing Inking on Fri. at 12:00. It you have friends interested in attending SCAD, these workshops will be the perfect intro for them.

The husband/wife duo also have a table in Artist's Alley (#123), so come over and say hello. See you there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HEROES booths

Many faculty and students will be at HEROES this weekend but for the first time the Temple of Cartoon Mojo will have a table! It'll be located at 432 and manned by Pat Bollin, Cara McGee, Allen Spetnagel, and Doug Dabbs. Check them out if you're there!

Professor Chris Schweizer will also have a table in indie island. Find him and pick up a copy of Crogan's Vengeance.

SCAD itself will have a booth endcap at 326,425. Dean Pat Quinn and Professor Nolan Woodard will be there. Stop by and say hello and get more information about the ATL campus.

Click here to view the 2009 HEROES hall diagram for booth numbers.

Spring Quarter Maquettes

These are from SEQA 326 Conceptual Maquette Design last spring. It was the first time it was offered at the Atlanta campus and the ATL SEQA students ate the course alive. Not only did they do three gorgeous maquettes during the course but all were painted and many had additional elements of custom made fabric/leather clothing, metal/wood work, resin water, tile, and even one wired with an LED that lights up with a switch! Truly these students have alot to be proud of.

Those students who see their work below, email Nolan at his SCAD address if you want the high resolution versions of these photos. In alphabetical order we present the work of:

Adrian Coates
Chris Lane (his third was for senior project class)

Clay Nash

Clayton Forrister
Erin Gladstone

Irene Strychalski

Remington Veteto (check out the blue LED on his third)