Friday, May 28, 2010

SEQA 380 webcomic sites

Check out some of the webcomic sites developed by students this spring! They made some really unique and amazing sites all developed through Blogger for free. Many of the webcomics are just starting up so follow these blogs to keep up with new episodes!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Temple Header Challenge

The final challenge of the quarter is a big one: Design a new header graphic for the Temple of Cartoon Mojo!

Click on the image below for a 1:1 scale template for your header. Pay close attention to the notes in the image as you have alot of room for creative out-of-the-box (literally) solutions!

The due date for this challenge is June 18th, well after spring quarter so you can keep focusing on finals first and foremost. Please email your header graphic as a PSD to on or before that date.

If you used a font for the title, which you don't have to, attach that to the email too.

Faculty and alumni are allowed to get in on this challenge too so bring your A+ game!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Temple Additions

In order for me to gauge interest, I have created a poll in the left column where we usually vote for sketch challenges. You can select multiple options in this poll. Please ONLY VOTE IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE! So far I've heard about alot of great ideas for the Temple redesign. The ones that are possible are:

Forums (which would include select student moderators)
Chat (CBOX)
Showcase of Art (like the display boards outside of room 347)
Student Contributors
Comprehensive Calendar (for all things SEQA and SCAD-Atlanta)

Again, please ONLY VOTE IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE! I don't want to waste time developing these things if no one will use them. So vote honestly and wisely.

Things that will be removed due to lack of use are "Getting Published" and "Verse Reading". These things can be absorbed into a Forum quite easily too.

If you have additional ideas for the Temple redesign please keep those comments coming!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 99 on CNN

Check out this CNN report on Teshkeel Comics, publisher of "The 99" comic. Much of the art featured (like the mural in the publisher's office) is by SEQA Profs June Brigman and Roy Richardson. Sounds like even Pres. Obama is a fan!
"The 99" on CNN

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Temple Redesign Announcement!

This blog has been around for awhile now (current design has been up over a year) and our department is growing. To be proactive, I'm redesigning this blog with a few ideas in mine to give us room for our current needs as well as future ones. However, this being YOUR blog I want to hear from SEQA-ATL students on what they love about the Temple blog and what they'd like to see changed or added. Bring on the suggestions! This is your time to directly guide the Temple's new content! Go on, comment away!


200th POST!!!

SEQA 380 A01

The next couple of installments of our students' webcomics are online. Prepare for a redesign of the Temple blog (and sketch challenge for it!) to come this quarter with links to all of their websites. For now, check out week two!

Comic Book Crucible

We really work our students hard. Consider SEQA-ATL a Comic Book Crucible. It's been an exceptionally successful attitude having helped multiple students earn work from comic book publishers. (Exciting news on that later this summer!) It allows us to help students be the best they can possibly be and hone sharp skills in their craft. It also means they are all in it together and understand what one another is going through during this trial-by-comic making our student community strong. And when the work comes first that means students have earned the time to goof off and joke around. And the work has come first this quarter and shined so very brightly! So while we often celebrate the work, we'd like to celebrate a little goofing off this time. You've earned it!