Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Temple Additions

In order for me to gauge interest, I have created a poll in the left column where we usually vote for sketch challenges. You can select multiple options in this poll. Please ONLY VOTE IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE! So far I've heard about alot of great ideas for the Temple redesign. The ones that are possible are:

Forums (which would include select student moderators)
Chat (CBOX)
Showcase of Art (like the display boards outside of room 347)
Student Contributors
Comprehensive Calendar (for all things SEQA and SCAD-Atlanta)

Again, please ONLY VOTE IF YOU PLAN TO PARTICIPATE! I don't want to waste time developing these things if no one will use them. So vote honestly and wisely.

Things that will be removed due to lack of use are "Getting Published" and "Verse Reading". These things can be absorbed into a Forum quite easily too.

If you have additional ideas for the Temple redesign please keep those comments coming!

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