Black Belt Society

The comic book industry is very competitive. SCAD-Atlanta SEQA Faculty/Staff have recognized that only those who are self-motivated, have an outstanding work ethic, and go above and beyond can achieve success. Therefore, we have founded the Black Belt Society to encourage and reward students who exemplify these qualities.

Those who have earned recognition in the Black Belt Society will be given priority over all others when it comes to events, portfolio reviews, and other various opportunities. This priority supersedes all other seniority. For the first two belts, white and red, this benefit is only active the following quarter then expires but once a student earns their black belt the benefits are permanent and last the duration of the student's college career at SCAD-Atlanta in the SEQA Department.
How to Earn a Belt:
1> To earn any belt you must find faculty to sponsor you. Only then can you get credit for the work done to earn a belt. Ask one of the following faculty to be your sponsor:
    Chris Schweizer
    Doug Dabbs
    Shawn Crystal
    Nolan Woodard

2> Outside of courses, and in addition to your normal coursework, complete a ten page comic within one quarter. Coursework cannot be used to earn a belt and any incomplete work in an attempt to earn a belt cannot be used in future attempts.

3> Each stage of production must be reviewed and approved by your sponsor in writing. Print out the following form and use it to record your progress with your sponsor!
    Black Belt Society Progress Form
Note: The final version is either a complete mini-comic OR a fully designed website with webcomic.

Current members (as of Winter 2013):
Be the first!

Emily Barnard
Chris Malone

David Anderson
Travers Cooke
Emily Erdman
Rachel Ordway
Jorge Santiago
Mary Mae Smith
Maggie Venable
Sara Vivanco

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