Friday, August 29, 2014

Important Message from Pat Quinn

I hope that this finds everyone doing well and ready for a great labor Day weekend!!
I know that there has been some concern about the leadership in the department following Shawn Crystal’s departure, so I’d like to announce that we do indeed have a new leader.
As of August 31st I am relinquishing my role as Associate Dean and starting September 2nd, I will be stepping into the role of Associate Chair for the Sequential Art department in Atlanta. 
I am excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with all of you. I can’t fill the shoes of Shawn, nor will I try. Rather, my intent is to walk the same path in my own way with the same goals mind. Thanks to you Shawn for your teaching, leadership and for bringing the eyes of the industry to the department.
Will there be some changes to the department? Yes.
The biggest change that you will see right off the bat is…we are MOVING! SEQA’s main location has been room 347, which has been great. We are moving out of that space and will be relocating across the hall next to ILLU. Our classes will primarily be in 384 and 389, with a few classes taking place in 373 and 316. (Your schedules should reflect the move…if you haven’t registered, please do so asap.) I believe that the closer proximity of the classes will give us a better sense of identity and a bigger home base. Your faculty member’s offices will be around 384 while my office will be 388.
Mark your calendars: GENERATE is Friday Oct. 3rd – Saturday Oct. 4th and it looks like it may exceed last year’s excitement in every way possible. More news on that as it develops. I recommend that you adjust your schedules accordingly. We will use 384 and 389 for this event.
I certainly hope to inform you of more good news as the quarter, and academic year, moves forward.
Thanks for your patience with me as I adjust to this new role. I believe that change, positive change, requires a catalyst and that it is up to us to either become or initiate that catalyst. I hope that you will all join me in embracing the coming changes.
Let’s make some comics!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Professor June Brigman awarded Inkpot Award at SDCC

As we all know, June Brigman is a professor here in the SEQA department. She went to Comic-con international this year and left with a big smile and a little something extra. (pictured below) 

June was awarded an Inkpot award this year at Comic-Con International for Achievement in Comic Art.

Local to Atlanta, June worked her way through the industry, producing comics for big publishers and small alike. She started out at AC Comics in 1983 doing a sample story for Astron, which AC would publish in 1986. From there she worked her way to DC and later, Marvel doing pencils for Power Pack #1-17. 

Professor Brigman reflecting on her time on Power Pack at Comic-Con International 2014.

June took over the Chicago Tribune's strip Brenda Starr in 1995 and saw it to the end in 2011. All this and she is still making history, passing on her knowledge to the next generation of comic artists here at SCAD: Atlanta. With a rich  past and a bright future, June has done more than earned a place among the Inkpot stars! We're so, so proud of her. Congrats June!!

(Pictures above credited to CBR. Click the link for CBR's coverage on June Brigman's panel at SDCC.)