Friday, April 8, 2011

My Favorite Color is AMERICA

Marvel's announcement that its Black Panther character will soon become "American Panther" had a few of us in the Atlanta SEQA department spinning our wheels as to who else we can patriotize. Here are a few of the ideas.  Fun fact - the American Panther design is drawn by the wonderfully talented Francesco Francavilla, who is also here in hoppin' Atlanta.

Don't forget to pick up Deadpool Family #1, featuring art by current student Irene Strychalski and recent graduates Dominike Stanton and Darnell Johnson

Falynn Koch's American Lantern:

Erin Gladstone's Emma Frost: The American Queen:

Allen Spetnagel's American Widow:

Robin Holstein's American Goblin:

Jay Peteranetz rethinks country loyalty with Omega American:

Cara McGee draws everyone's favorite Wizard Godfather on the lam, Sirius American:

Brian Prince's American Hornet:

Ali Henderson's American Gothic-inspired family pairing of the Avengers' American Witch and Quickamerican:

Hunter Wook-Jin Clark's outlaw doctor American Jack:

Rachel Ordway's American Canary:

Nick Zamudio's version of Henry Pym's American Jacket persona:

Trevor Verges' American Surfer:

Josh Andre Smith's Booster American:

Max Currie's sexy super-burglar, American Cat:

Luigi Anderson's American Arrow:

Jackie Lewis' American Skull, colored by Falynn Koch:

Thaddeus Draheim's American Beetle:

Julie Godwin's barbarian queen American Sonja:

Professor Chris Schweizer's American Bolt, king of the Inhumans:

Nicolas Palmer's American Manta:





Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Great start for Temple this quarter. Had one of the largest turn outs I've ever seen, and this is possibly the largest single sketch challenge post ever!

Audrey Morris said...

A thousand bald eagles shed patriotic tears at the sight of this post. I regret not finishing mine, but these are ever so fabulous!

Nick Marino said...

NICE! I think my favs are American Canary, American Bolt, and American Manta.

Lovecraft In Brooklyn said...

American Goblin is amazing.

Liz said...

Wow!! All these look awesome!! I love everyone's different art styles.

Rich said...

Really digging Nick Zamudio's style here. Is more of his are online anywhere?

Stu said...

Let it be said that any character that already had a color in his/her name should have said color replaced with "Red, White & Blue", with the most obvious one being "Omega Red, White & Blue."

Dru said...

Should have called him "Omega Red White & Blue"

Akilles said...

These are so funny! I liked each and everyone, so kudos to all who did these.

Biography of american Skull.
Young Max Winston was an ordinary boy, until an american over-patriotic criminal raised him to become a monster. He has made countless plans to destroy Germany all the way from the 40`´s. But all them have been ruined thanks to his archnemesis. Captain Naziman! American skull almost defeated him by giving his tophenchman, Cross `n´bones an order to kill Cap. Cap survived, anyway. Skulls mainweapon is the gas of patriotic death. He also has daughter named Sin of being sexy.

Ok, now to leave before Marvel sues me.

Plasma_Incinerator said...

The only one that wasn't good was the American Cat-woman. The rest varied from pretty good to awesome. Hell, I actually like the American Canary's outfit.

Zerne said...

The American Skull is the best thing ever.