Thursday, January 24, 2013

Advising is fast approaching!

Advising for all SCAD Atlanta Sequential Art students will be held Feb 8th from 11am-1pm, in Room 347.

Advising is mandatory, so please remember to attend.

See you all there!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Arkham Asylum timed sketch challenge

The results of our first-ever timed sketch challenge are in!

Rachel Ordway

Trevor Verges

Luigi Anderson

Mittie Paul

Emily Erdman

Mace Cespedes

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Quarter, New Sketch Challenges - With A Twist!

Welcome back from break, everyone!

Due to the low turnout of sketch challenge submissions last quarter, we thought it'd be fun to mix it up a bit and try something new this time around—namely, timed in-room sketch challenges!

At 1 PM next Friday (the 18th) the new sketch challenge will be announced in the Temple room (room 347), and those interested in participating will have one hour to complete a piece and have it posted on the website.  So bring your materials and set up early to get a head start!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to mention it in a comment here, in an email, or on the Facebook page.  This is all very experimental right now, so we'd like to hear your thoughts!

See you all on Friday!