Friday, October 18, 2013

Breaking Bad timed sketch challenge

Rachel Ordway

Temple Anthology Project!

Temple of Cartoon Mojo is proud to present…

A Little Pulpy:
A Temple of Cartoon Mojo anthology

We are having an open call for submissions to the anthology. Whether you’re a Sequential Art major, a SCAD alumni who graduated, or a student who just started SCAD, we want your comic!

Only 12 submissions will be in the anthology, so give us your best! We want you to be proud to be a part of this anthology!


We want your comic, but we need it to follow some rules.

-       Comics must be 6 to 10 pages.
-       The comic must be 1960’s pulp themed. Think Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, and Captain Easy.
-       Black and white only! No tones, ink wash, added greys or colors allowed.
-       These comics are PG-13. No Nudity.


To prevent interfering with Black Belt, you have until the end of the 2013 school year to have a finished product.  If you would like to submit a Black Belt comic you did during the 2013 school year for this anthology, that is acceptable.

-       Script due:        11/28/2013
-       Final Pages due:    6/5/2014

If you would like editorial assistance during the production of your comic, critique on your finished product, or have any questions regarding the anthology please email the editor at