Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the Faculty

All of our faculty at SCAD-Atlanta in the Sequential Art department are current working professionals in the comic book industry. They have a huge variety of skills and collectively have been published by every major comic company in the USA. If you are a new or potential SEQA-Atlanta student and want to get to know your professors check out their work and websites for more information.

Shawn Crystal - Program Coordinator
Primary Courses
    SEQA 382 Visual Storytelling I
    SEQA 394 Advanced Inking Techniques
    SEQA 405 Visual Storytelling II
    SEQA 741 Inking Techniques
Published Works
    Deadpool Team-Up #892, #896, Vol.1
    Deadpool #13-14, #900, Vol. 3
    Deadpool: Games of Death
    Deadpool: Suicide Kings HC

Patrick Quinn - Assoc. Dean of Communication Arts
Primary Courses
    DRAW 206 Drawing for Storyboarding
    Assoc. Dean for SEQA, ILLU, GRDS, ADVE depts
Published Works
    The Phantom #1, 2, 7, 8
    The Phantom: Legacy
    The Phantom: Generations #1
    Chucky #3-5
    G.I. Joe: Declassified #1-3
    Captain Marvel vol. 4 #23-24
    Green Lantern vol. 3 #150
    JLA-Z #1
                                          Cryptopia #1-4

Chris Schweizer - Professor
Primary Courses
    SEQA 244 Comic Book Scripting
    SEQA 701 Theories & Practices for Sequential Art
    SEQA 770 Sequential Art Self-promotion
Published Works
    Oni Press Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Crogan's Vengeance
    Crogan's March
    Crogan's Loyalty
    Nickelodeon Magazine

Doug Dabbs - Professor
Primary Courses
    SEQA 325 Environments, Props and Structures
    SEQA 224 Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation
Published Works
    Resurrection: The Insurgent Edition
    Resurrection: Annual #1

June Brigman - Adjunct Professor
Primary Courses
    DRAW 206 Drawing for Storyboarding
    SEQA 202 Drawing for Sequential Art
Published Works
    Power Pack #1-17
    New Mutants #56
    New Mutants Annual #4
    Supergirl #1–4
    Star Wars: River of Chaos
    Black Beauty

Nolan Woodard - Adjunct Professor
Primary Courses
    SEQA 277 Digital Coloring & Lettering Applications for Comics
    SEQA 311 Conceptual Illustration
    SEQA 712 Concept Design in Sequential Art
    SEQA 731 Digital Design Issues in Sequential Art
Published Works
    Insufferable #1-18
    Incorruptible #10-30, Vol. 3,4,5,& 6
    Irredeemable #21, 28, 31-37, Vol. 6, 8, 9, 10
    Planet of the Apes Annual #1
    Planet of the Apes #2-5,7-8, Vol. 1 & 2
    28 Days Later #17-24, Vol. 5 & 6
                                          Farscape: Scorpius #0-7, Vol. 1 & 2
                                          Lady Deadpool #1, Women of Marvel Vol. 1
                                          Outlaw Territory, Vol. 2
                                          Various covers colored for BOOM! Studios

Jackie Lewis - Staff
Primary Duties
    Production Lab Assistant
    SEQA Library Manager
Published Works
    Play Ball


Rick Lovell said...

What a great team! Your students are very lucky folks.

Nolan Woodard said...

Thanks, Rick. We are pretty lucky to have one another and great brothers-in-teaching over in ILLU too!