Monday, June 29, 2009

HEROES photos

As promised, photos of our recent HEROES experience!

The SCAD booth! Everyone did a great job manning the table and promoting the school. Honestly, the department makes it an easy sell. We rock.

Some of the SCAD-ATL SEQA crew hanging outside the Westin.

Doug Dabbs enjoying some sketch time at the Temple tables.

Doug Dabbs squash your face!

Grad Student Pat Bollin and his girlfriend Renee with none other than Jeff Smith.

Clay Nash is... incredible?!

This Imperial was looking for some protection money from the Temple tables but the Force is strong with our students.

And he ended up taking photos with undergrad Irene Strychalski...

...and Professor June Brigman...

... but Remington Veteto wasn't buying it. He knew the truth.

That's right, only at SCAD-ATL are all of your faculty members published and working professionals but one is an official Stormtrooper with the 501st: Professor Nolan Woodard.

Can't wait for next year!

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Pat Bollin said...

It was a great time!