Friday, April 4, 2008

Firebreather Pin-Up Challenge

Normally we only have simple, weekly, sketch challenges. This spring we have an additional challenge for the entire quarter which could lead to published work!

Phil Hester has given SCAD students an opportunity to be published in his upcoming monthly series "Firebreather"! (It was previously a mini-series and has been collected into three TPB volumes and a one-shot published by Image Comics.) He's in need of pin-ups for the back of the book and has offered SCAD students the opportunity to draw those pin-ups. The pin-ups Phil approves will be featured in upcoming issues of "Firebreather"! This isn't something students want to miss out on! Shawn has collected materials and Phil has been courteous enough to send us some pages for reference. Each Friday at the Temple meetings in room 389 Shawn and Nolan will be available to help students on the project. Get involved and you could get published!

The following information will remain posted here as well as in the left column for easy access throughout the quarter.

Due date:
  • Thursday, May 29th

The printer specs for the pin-up are:
  • Bleed - 6.875" x 10.438"
  • Trim - 6.625" x 10.25"
  • Live - 5.899" x 9.075"
  • 450dpi
  • Full Color (CMYK)
  • ANY Style Goes!

Who is Firebreather?
  • He's a sweet, smart kid.
  • A little unmotivated. Numb to all the derision his appearance engenders, but not shy.
  • Doesn't take shit.

What does Firebreather look like?
  • Normal 16 year old boy clothes.
  • 6' tall.
  • Orange, leathery hide.
  • Blond, w/baby nubs of horns.
  • Gargoyle-like wings.
  • Oversized hands and feet (four digits each).
  • Wedge shaped head w/elongated mouth area.

What are Firebreather's powers?
  • Flight
  • Strength
  • Limited invulnerability
  • Fire breathing

What does Firebreather wear?
  • He does wear normal teenage clothing but also has a suit made of runes which amplify his powers as seen below.

Here are some images for action and color reference.

Here are some b/w pages for more reference.

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