Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We're Baaaaack!

Spring break took all us away from one another but we returned in style (Schweizer wore an neckerchief) this past Friday. We even had alum Alex App, our current Spotlight, show up to hang out with everyone and we surprised him with cake to celebrate his recent graduation! For those of you than came out your involvement is greatly appreciated. You guys really help make our department strong, energized, creative, and friendly!

Shawn Crystal officially introduced the Firebreather Pin-Up Challenge at the meeting. For those students who are not aware of this challenge please click the link for more information. It's an amazing opportunity! Don't miss out!

During the height of the meeting we had sixteen people in attendance working on projects at the same time. Considering we have less than forty students in our department that is a massive number! Below, from left to right: professor Shawn Crystal, Dianna Bedell, Cara McGee, Sean Perkins, Michael Lavelle, Justin Wagner, Chris Schweizer, Areta Harabatch, alum Hunter Clark, Chris Lane, David Bonilla, Dominike Stanton, Tommy Le, and Doug Dabbs.

In attendance but not shown above: alum Alex App, Allen Spetnagel, Jackie Lewis, Olu Ajagbe, and Megs Glasscock. And here's a rare glimpse of professor Nolan Woodard (because normally I'm the one taking the photos and making posts) trying to cut Alex's cake with a wimpy, plastic knife. Mmmm, cake.

If you were unable to join us please come this Friday, in room 398 from noon to 4pm!

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