Monday, September 15, 2008

Welcome to Fall Quarter '08

Welcome, new students! Welcome back, returning students!

The summer, as you can see, was very low key, slow, and quiet. Now we're back for the beginning of Fall quarter with the largest student body the SCAD-ATL campus has ever seen at full speed ahead! There will be many exciting events this quarter from Editors' Day to GENER24E (the 24 hour annual event). We even have very exciting announcements to make about new faculty and student work being published professionally. Stay posted for more information!

For the new SEQA students in ATL, the Temple of Cartoon Mojo hosts weekly meetings on Fridays usually from noon to 4pm in room 347. It's a time to get extra help and a chance to get to know other students in the department. It's not limited to SEQA students either. All students are welcome. The first Friday of the quarter faculty will be busy in quarterly meetings so official meetings will begin September 26th (but that doesn't mean if students want to hold their own Temple meeting this Friday they can't). We hope to see you all there!


Dianna B. said...

Temple back in session ^^

Shawn Crystal said...