Tuesday, June 17, 2008

HEROES Convention

Please join us this weekend in Charolette, NC, at the HEROES Convention! ATL will have three, back to back, workshops from faculty and a graduate student. Check out when and who is doing what:

Saturday 11am - 12:30pm, room 211
Chris Schweizer will be giving a workshop on Character Design.
A visually strong character can make or break a comic or animation project, and understanding when and why to design a character a certain way is essential to good character design. In this workshop, you'll learn from SCAD Atlanta Graduate Student Chris Schweizer both the hows and the whys of character design, from concept to completion.

Saturday 12:30pm - 2pm, room 211
Nolan Woodard will be giving a workshop on Computer Coloring For Comics From a Retoucher's POV.
Computer coloring comics has evolved over the past twenty years in relative isolation from other industries using the same primary tool: Photoshop. But what happens when a retoucher on Nike, Starbucks, Miller Brewing, and other clients applies his knowledge of Photoshop to comic books? SCAD Atlanta Professor Nolan Woodard will answer that question in his workshop that demonstrates techniques born from the high-end world of photographic retouching and color correction and apply them to comics.

Saturday 2pm - 4pm, room 211
Shawn Crystal will be giving a workshop on Composition and Color For Comic Book Covers.
SCAD Atlanta Professor Shawn Crystal is the artist for many projects from companies like Oni, Image and more. His skills are in demand throughout the industry. His workshop will help you learn how to control the impact of a comic book cover. You will be exposed to the ideas of composition, and how to use color to make the focus of those ideas stronger.

Students who are assisting at the SCAD table, please make sure you remember what times you are scheduled for. We'll see you in a couple of days!

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Megs said...

Have a great time at Heroes guys! :D Looking forward to all the great con stories and photos! :D