Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sketchbook Binding Workshop • Friday

Friday the 13th (oooh!) • 11am • 346

For everyone who’s been itching to put together their own sketchbooks, with your own paper choices, this is the time. You’ll need the following supplies. Some, like the glue and clamps, can be shared by a few people.

You can get a big bag (16-20 in different sizes, I think) in the Wal-Mart hardware section for around five bucks. Spring clamps are fine. You needn’t spend five bucks or more per clamp for fancy ones.

Plumber’s Contact Cement. I use Goop, but anything that says Plumbers Contact Cement is fine.

Artist Tape.
Blue or white, provided it won’t rip your paper when you peel it off.

Cover. This can be posterboard, Bristol, whatever. Just make sure it’s bigger than 11 x 17 (doesn’t have to be much bigger).

Metal ruler.


Paper with which to fill your book.
For convenience sake, we’ll keep it at 8.5x11, though if you want to bring in a different size, then feel free. Just make sure that all of your paper is THE SAME SIZE.

Pick paper that you like to draw on. I like a very smooth surface, so I use Hammermill 28# color copy paper.

For slightly more toothy paper, use sketch paper, parchment paper, or regular copy paper (but make sure it’s thicker – 25-30 pound is good – and not the rubbish in the printer trays).

For smoother paper, a good Color Copy paper or Laser paper will have an extremely light chemical coating that lets ink slide on.

We’ll make books from 11 to 12:30 or so. See you then!

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