Friday, May 29, 2009


Each spring we look back on the success of the year but this year is special. This year we tip our hats to the first of our "homegrown" graduating class! These are students who studied here all four years and lived to tell the tale. So, as in any good tradition, the Temple of Cartoon Mojo had a little party to celebrate. Congratulations go out to graduating students:
Dominike Stanton
David Bonilla
Joy Taney
Hung Le
and Allen Spetnagel

We also took the opportunity to debut what will be the Temple of Cartoon Mojo table in Artists' Alley at HEROES Con this June 19-21 where Allen Spetnagel, Cara McGee, Pat Bollin, and Doug Dabbs will be pimping their artist selves and getting face time with the industry. If you plan on going, stop by!

Everyone have a great summer and stay productive! We'll see you back here this Fall!


Illink said...

Wish all of you the best of luck! I know you will all go on to do great things. I'll be staying tune in on your blogs so keep them updated. Do it Big!

Prof. Roy Richardson said...

OUR BABIES HAVE FLOWN THE NEST! SNIF! And I promised Prof. June I wouldn't cry...

Irene Strychalski said...


Tzollo said...

Gah...You guys have been what I have looked up to as students and artists...Congrats and the best of luck to all of you...go kick lifes ass!