Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New courses on Fall 09 schedule!

Character Design and Storyboarding are now in separate time slots!!!!!! Get Registered!

SEQA 224 Character Design for Storyboard and Animation will be offered this Fall!! Check the schedule!

For Juniors, Seniors and grads check out:
CRN 13268 SFIN 350D Public Art Charrette taught by ATL's Prof. Susan Krause in Sculpture.

"Introducing students to the exciting and competitive field of public art, this unique cross-discipline course teaches participants how to imagine and design works that impact the public, based on content, environment and audience engagement. Students will examine the pertinent issues of this topic through historic and contemporary examples of public works and how they have affected (and will affect in the future) both social and political discourse. Travel between Atlanta and Savannah campuses, a symposium and design charrette are part of this singular format."


Julie said...

Oh, curses. Visual Storytelling I and Character Design are in the same time slot. :/

Dianna B. said...

Any Krause class I recommend taking!
she's a great teacher.

-PQ said...

Julie - thanks for pointing that out. It will be moved to 8am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.