Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Matt Bernier review of SCAD-Atlanta

Matt Bernier, who came to our Fall Artists' Forum in 2009 along with Sean Murphy, posted up his review of SCAD-Atlanta's SEQA program and his experience during the forum. To say it is a glowing review is an understatement. Here is a choice paragraph worth quoting in totality:
"Everyone drawing below the industry top 5%: watch the fuck out. As iron sharpens iron, so these artists sharpen each other. This is a school that turns down applicants. This is a school that gives failing grades to unpublishable- emphasis on PUBLISHABLE- work. This is a school that listens to its teachers, fosters a culture of greatness, and turns out the best students I have ever seen. Several students I met were currently working on books for ONI while still in school. Others had gigs lined up, or were in the process of it. I saw exactly 2 students who weren't ready to work at a totally pro level right then."

We highly recommend checking out his entire review here and Bernier's blog here. While his leaning is toward the independent, he has loads of tips and tricks with tools and materials for sequential artists!


draigstudio said...
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Nolan Woodard said...

Can't do anything about his writeup but I've edited what of it is posted on this blog. Sorry about that, Larison.

draigstudio said...

Thanks Nolan!! You are the best!

Nolan Woodard said...

Then you don't know me that well!

-PQ said...

I'd like to echo Prof. Woodard's apologies to our brothers and sisters in Savannah. While it's good to know that Mr. Bernier enjoyed his stay and does say some complimentary things, however it is unfortunate that they come at some expense.
Our guest seems to not have been aware that some of our faculty are products of Savannah as are some of our graduate students, and frankly this branch would not exist without the success of the original.