Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scott Pilgrim 6 Release Party

A number of SCAD-Atlanta folk went out last night for the release party of the sixth and final Scott Pilgrim graphic novel at Criminal Records in Little Five Points. Scott Pilgrim is a wonderful comic series published by Oni Press, who has published five of the folks in this picture. Remy is holding an issue of his comic "Wasteland," which recently hit shelves.

Left to right: Jerell "Drill" Drakes, Allen Spetnagel, Erin Gladstone, Chris Schweizer, Chris's daughter Penny, Cara McGee (Dressed as Scott Pilgrim character Envy Adams for the costume contest), Remy Veteto, Hunter Cark, and Rachel Ochoa.


Nolan Woodard said...

This is great! Glad everybody had so much fun!

Trevor P. said...

bummer, It looked like fun, I'm mad I missed it.