Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall quarter for Temple! Welcome old faces and new faces!

Fall is here and it’s the first Temple of the quarter! Lots of old friends and fresh new faces, so here at Temple we’ve introduced some new features and revised versions of old features!

Sketch Challenge – The polling for sketch challenges is now done in the Temple room on Friday, rather than polled online at the blog. Come to Temple and pitch prompts for people to draw!
By the way, this week's sketch challenge is Adventure Time. Mathematical!

Fanart Fridays – A new feature! If you don’t want to draw the sketch challenge, draw fanart for a comic you like, or a comic you’re reading! MUST be a comic, cannot be a video game or a television program or a movie or what have you. Webcomics are also fine!

Reviews – Every Friday you may come in and review and talk about a comic you’re reading! Temple has plenty of resources on excellent comics you should be reading, but never underestimate the personal growth that comes from finding comics that speak uniquely to you! We’d love to know what comics you’re reading!

Remember, Temple is every Friday from noon to whenever everybody goes home! Temple is also now 100% student-run. Get involved, get excited about getting involved in the community!


Mr Colin said...

Good luck everyone!

-PQ said...

Woo-hoo! Welcome Back!!