Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Generate Challenge Interest Meeting

When: Wednesday, October 2nd at 8pm
Where: SCAD Atlanta Digital Media Center, room 355
What: Generate Challenge Interest Meeting
Who: Open to all Animation, Sequential Art, and Illustration students

What the heck is gonna happen?

There will be a general overview of what the challenge is going to be for Generate this year and introduce the challenge sponsors.

During Generate: We have guest critiques from animators from Cartoon Network and Floyd County lined up for the event.  Student will work in teams of 3 to create show concepts for a teen/adult animated series starring a very bitter, very angry, unlikely hero: Jake the Snake Roberts.  Jake and a few other retired wrestlers from the golden age of WWF wrestling will be sponsoring the challenge along with Floyd and Cartoon Network and helping students develop show ideas.  Their own production team will be on site-filming the event for the viral documentary series featuring Diamond Dallas Page and Jake the Snake.  (Featured recently on ESPN.)

HUGE THANKS to Lynn Barrett for helping us set this up with our guest critique-ers.  

Prizes will include movie passes, DVDs, and cash.  The winning team will also have the opportunity to work on a professional Kickstarter-funded pitch with the property.  

The sponsors and a wrestler or two will be on campus for the interest meeting.
For Generate, this challenge will be based in lab 310 in the DMC, but we'll be moving around quite a bit and sharing the space/love.

Thank you to Professor Matt Maloney for the info!

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