Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Student Spotlight: Luciano A.D. Perez

Today we are proud to present Luciano Perez! Also known as a member of the Good Hair Club, Luciano Perez works to include latin@ and trans representation into his comics while trying not to lack a spirit of fun and groan-worthy humour. He thinks representation in comics is important!

 He is something-like-a-junior and is known for his speed and for drawing at a size relative to his own tiny stature.  Influenced by the works of Tessa Stone, Art Spiegalman, Pendelton Ward, and Mike Mignola. Luc's favourite activities include spotting blacks and inking lines over loose pencils. He enjoys both working on pages and illustrations. To keep up with Luc you can visit his tumblr!

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Chris Schweizer said...

Thanks for posting! I'd met Luc before leaving but hadn't had a chance to see his stuff. thanks for the tumblr link.