Friday, May 2, 2008

Currently Reading Challenge!

This challenge didn't have a theme as normal. Instead, the challenge was to draw a character from a book you are currently reading. Let's see who has been reading what!

Jeff Yu has been getting into some now classic, and totally weird, manga.

Jackie Lewis has been reading "Fruits Basket", a manga title about Tohru and Kyo.

Dominike Stanton has been enjoying some "Teen Titans".

Tommy Le has been captivated reading about Panda in "Body Bags".

Megs Glasscock has been reading "Authority" and brings us a feminine Apollo.

I'm not sure what "Hellboy" books Dianna Bedell has been reading. In the true fashion of hell, she brings us this sketch which may make you want to claw your eyes out!

Nolan Woodard has been re-collecting the TPBs of "Transmetropolitan" and draws Spider Jerusalem doing what he does best: journalism.

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david santos said...

Excellent post!
You are Master!
Thank you.