Monday, May 12, 2008

HEROES Free Comic Book Day Report

Our illustrious professor Shawn Crystal and graduate student powerhouse Chris Schweizer went to the HEROES Free Comic Book Day Event May 2nd and had a blast! HEROES have posted up their own short report and tons of photos of the event. Check them out! Shawn has also posted some of his work from the event on his blog here. Below are just a few photos of the two of them enjoying one of the most fun events all year long in the comic book industry. Can't wait for next year!

That look is barely contained glee as Shawn works on a Zorro sketch.
Making the kiddies happy with a sketch from Schweizer.

Though impossible, this might be the best photo to sum up how much fun they had at the HEROES Free Comic Book Day!

Some photos pulled respectably from the HEROES Flickr account.

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