Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Header Challenge!

The submissions for the header challenge are in! Thank you all for taking part and the extra effort to see us grow even more in 2009. Faculty will discuss which will be used. The new header will go live on Monday which will be the one year anniversary of the Temple of Cartoon Mojo!

Here are the entries:
Julie Godwin
Pat Bollin
Dianna Bedell
Jerell Drakes
Nolan Woodard (faculty, not for consideration)


Julie said...

Oh, man, Bollin. Yours is kickin'!

Audrey Morris said...

Yours turned out great, Julie! :D Pat's is pretty swank too.

patbollin said...

Thanks to both. Julie - I'm really enjoying yours too. I checked out your blog btw. Nice stuff.

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

They all are nice, I favor bollin.

Illink said...

Pat that Banner is sick! Great Work!

the argyle academy said...

These look great guys. Congrats Pat.