Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shawn Crystal does Deadpool

It's been official for awhile but for those of you that don't know our very own Professor Shawn Crystal is penciling and inking the upcoming Deadpool Annual! Congratulations, Shawn! He's busting out some amazing pages while teaching full-time. That's two full-time jobs at the same time... and he's kicking ass at both! If that doesn't set an example for the rest of us I don't know what would. If you see him make sure you congratulate him and pick up your copy of the annual when it's released. Shawn is working with Mike Benson, producer for HBO's Entourage, and IGN just interviewed them about working on Deadpool. Check out the full interview here (complete with SCAD-ATL drop). The interview contains lots of art, some of which I've posted below to show his process from thumbs to inks. The color is being done by Lee Loughridge, SCAD alumni. Can't wait to see the book, Shawn. Fantastic work!



Illink said...

Congrats Shawn.This is BIG. Your work has always been awsome, you just took it to the next level. I'm Happy for you.

patbollin said...

Wow! Payoff time. I've been watching the bits and pieces that you've been putting on your own blog, but that didn't really prepare me for the affect of a full page. I'm blown away, man. Great stuff. Congrats.