Monday, November 2, 2009

Laura Martin's Visit

Last Friday the SEQA-Atlanta Department invited two-time Eisner Award winning colorist Laura Martin out to do a demonstration and presentation of her coloring and process. We knew her work was amazing but she blew us away!

The student turn out was fantastic with not just a massive percentage of SEQA students and alum attending but also faculty and students from ILLU, ANIM, and ITGM! Their investment of time was well made. Laura was an extremely giving guest and surprised everyone by bringing in an as-yet-unpublished Punisher page by Leinil Yu to color for her demonstration. She shared work from the past too explaining the thought process behind her color choices and application but also gave a candid insight to being a colorist. Not only was everything she shared interesting and informative but our students had the bonus pleasure of finding her completely and utterly entertaining! Even for the faculty, her process and understanding of color, its application, and storytelling was really inspiring. Laura couldn't have been a more wonderful guest and we sincerely hope to have her back in the future for an encore. Thank you, Laura!


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That was a pretty cool lecture Laura gave.