Monday, September 22, 2014

Student Spotlight: Em Barnard

Our first student spotlight of Fall Quarter is a Sequential Art undergrad infamous for both her work ethic and personal style. Fashionable, artistically unique, and hard working, Em Barnard is a storytelling worth talking about. Her narratives touch on subjects that are hard to swallow such as bullying and coping with anxiety. Terrifyingly real, her comics showcase intense emotion throughout the discourse of the story and sometimes even explores a more fantastical element through the supernatural. Not to say Em doesn't have a sense of humor. She also makes small personal strips and doodles about her daily life in a simpler, sketchier style.

Em didn't get into comics until going to SCAD's summer seminars her senior year of high school. Much like a passion for comics, inspiration can come from anywhere and strike at any time! Her inspiration lies in a variety of web comics, such as Tessa Stone's Hanna's Not A Boy's Name, and a wide range of European comics. Between her organic use of line and her library of rough textures, Em's work demonstrates a contrast between the environments and the characters that harkens back to Cartoon Network's 2008 series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Below are two pages from her short comic Kodama.

Em doesn't just apply her storytelling chops to comics either! She has an interest in storyboarding and character design as well. Example boards below from Amatures (Warning: A  single cuss word.)

We are honored to have Em Barnard as a member and we expect amazing things from her! If you'd like to contact Em or check out more of her work be sure to visit her website or email her at!

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