Monday, September 29, 2014

Student Spotlight: Chris Brunner

This weeks student spotlight is the swiss army knife of the art world. He's done everything from comics to concept art to storyboarding, even toy design and packaging! We are proud to present Chris Brunner! 

Armed to the teeth with experience, talent, and a good sense of humor, Chris is a top notch artist and a top notch guy. He is actually SCAD Atlanta's tutor in Sequential Art and hosts a tutoring lab from 2pm to 4pm on Fridays. If you need someone to look to for help in concept art, storyboarding, coloring, lettering, almost anything you should give Chris a holler by booking an appointment through the tutoring center on mySCAD.

 His personal style mixes realism with exaggerated proportion. Acting as a team with Rico Renzi, long time friend and colorist, Brunner and Renzi's finished pieces exhibit vibrant and energetic palettes bringing us into an exaggerated and animated reality unique to their work.

He has had his hand in every part of making comics too. Even as far as post-production! According to his deviantart page his materials of choice include HB pencil, Zebra Brush Pen, Photoshop, Microns and Top menthol. His inspiration includes the work of Wally Wood, Ira Glass, and Jim Henson. 

This skill filled punk is one of the coolest cats in the department and we're happy to have him in the Temple of Cartoon Mojo. If you'd like to keep up with the kickstand kids, Rico and Chris, be sure to visit their blogspot, tumblr, and deviantart. 

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