Thursday, October 2, 2014

Generate 24 Announcement- Special Guests!!

Official GENERATE announcement has been announced.

GENERATE = 24 page black & white comic in 24 hours. Starting with a 9:45am kick off near the homework labs, them starting at 10:00am in 384 and 389. Snacks throughout, but plan your own breakfast and lunch on Friday. Sandwiches for dinner, pizza at midnight and coffee starts at 3:00pm on Friday.

 1. IDW is a major sponsor again - prizes and Skype calls!
2. ComiXology will help promote your completed work through Submit (for those that choose to agree to the Submit terms available on their website - we will review again on Friday)
 3. You will have industry coaches on hand for the event...drumroll....Marvel editor Katie Kubert and Marvel executive editor Mike Marts will be here!!!! Be there and be prepared to rock!!
4. special guest VAN JENSEN - writer for DC, Valiant and Top Shelf will be popping in!

 Feel free to give all of our awesome sponsors shout-outs via social media...and promote your own awesomeness! IF you choose the OPTION of having your work available via ComiXology Submit - review their agreement here: We will discuss this more on Friday IF you choose the OPTION of publishing through ComiXology be sure to follow up with copyrighting your material here:

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