Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10,000 Hits!

We reached our 10,000th hit today and it came from Brazil! In less than a year we've managed to build a wonderful department blog with hits coming from more than thirty countries across the globe. (If you've not done previously, check out the "Recent Visitors" map at the bottom of the column on the left to see where hits are coming in from all over the world!) Visitors have included faculty and students from other departments and even other colleges, comic news sites/blogs, editors, publishers, artists, and other professionals. Yeah, we're patting ourselves on the back a little but we not lost sight of the fact we wouldn't have become as strong as we are without the wonderful students and alumni who take an active role in this blog and our department. Thank you! Keep up the good work during finals!

1 comment:

Shawn Crystal said...

WOW, that was FAST! Like the Flash! Schweeet.