Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adventures Into Digital Comics

Our illustrious leader, Academic Director Pat Quinn, has artwork (inked by Dean Lowe) featured in a new documentary called Adventures Into Digital Comics. The IMDB says, "In the 90s, comic books lost millions of readers. Can the Internet win them back? The film observes the events surrounding the sudden decrease of sales of comic books in the US in the early 90's, followed by the surge of webcomics on the Internet." They interview creators about the advent of webcomics. It's over ninety minutes of interviews of domestic and European artists of both print and web comics. Much of it focuses on the downfall of sales in the nineties so if you're not familiar with the recent history of the industry (novelty/comic shops, newsstand, and the direct market with the rise of graphic novels, webcomics, and TPBs and why) please take some time to watch it. The quality is a little low but the entire documentary can be watch on IMDB here!
Pat Quinn and John Lowe credits at 91:49 and Roy Richardson is given Special Thanks at the end!

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