Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Break Challenge!

Fall quarter is over and so ends our normal, weekly sketch challenges. However, since we don't want to waste away during the holiday break we're going to have our first Blog Header Challenge! (If you're asking, "What's a header?" It's the graphic at the top of this blog.) Your challenge is to make the blog a new header graphic for 2009! Here are the requirements:
Title: It MUST say "Temple of Cartoon Mojo" somewhere on it and be legible.
Dimensions: 900px wide by 254 px tall (see below)
Color Mode: RGB
Resolution: 72 dpi

Here's a template you can download to make it easy to create your artwork at the proper size as well as drop it in for the final PSD.
Above is a picture of the template and you'll see a tabbed area at the bottom. This area needs to remain! It is made up of two Color Fill layers in the template PSD and all you have to do is change the colors in those Color Fill layers to match your artwork. You can also download an example of the current header as a PSD to see how it all works.

Once you're done email Nolan the PSD before the beginning of Winter quarter. We'll post all entries but we'll judge the best to use for all of 2009!

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Dianna B. said...

I totally already made one 0.0.
might...make many