Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Advising This Friday

Make sure you come to Advising Day this Friday!
It's very important if you want to graduate on time!

SEQA students will be advised for Winter quarter classes during the Temple meeting this Friday from 1-4pm in room 347. Please make sure you come and bring your fellow SEQA students. Remember, it is very important everyone gets advised on time so all know what to register for because if not enough people register on time courses can be canceled that you may otherwise need to graduate. That means everyone needs to come to Advising Day, be on time, and stay on top of getting registered and help their peers do the same. Failure to do so could mean not graduating on time. You can view a tentative Winter schedule to see what SEQA courses are being offered now at the bottom of the Calendar.

Once you've been advised, registration for Winter quarter will begin on Monday, Oct. 18. Below are the dates registration starts for each group. Make sure you and your peers register on time!
Graduates: Oct. 19
Seniors: Oct. 21
Juniors: Oct. 25
Sophomore: Oct. 27
Freshman: Oct. 29

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