Sunday, October 10, 2010

Scanning Station Etiquette

There are quite a few scanning stations across the SCAD-Atlanta campus but obviously there will be times when the demand for scanning far out weights the supply. This happens most often during midterm and finals. In order to allow everyone their fair time at scanning stations please remember the scanners are communal, respect the needs of your fellow students, and follow the SCAD Scanning Station policy. Please refer to it as needed:

Scanning stations are for making scans only.
Edit your scans on another computer.

This means you are only to make scans at those stations and nothing else. Once those scans are made save the files and move to another station to edit and clean your scans to continue working. Obviously, this also means you are not to play games, watch tv or movies, Facebook, blog, etc. at scanning stations either. Please be courteous to your fellow students and follow this simple policy.

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