Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Production Room Workshop

SEQA-Atlanta's very own, amazingly awesome Jackie Lewis is the new Production Room Technician for the Production Room in 368. She'll be maintaining the equipment and binding supplies in the room.

This Friday, October 29th, and next Friday, November 5th, Jackie is offering a workshop on how to work the equipment in the room. It'll start at 11:00am, and go through all of the machines, their different purposes, and the materials needed to work them. This is going to be a perfect time to get all of your questions answered about the production equipment.

- October 29th and November 5th
- Production Room 368
- 11:00 am

If you enjoy self-publishing mini-comics, ashcans, or the like, this would be absolutely ideal for you to attend! Plus, Jackie is amazingly awesome.

1 comment:

Irene Strychalski said...

Go Jackie!!!
I'm glad all that equipment will finally be working, it'll save us all some expensive trips to Kinkos...