Thursday, October 9, 2008

Crogan's Vengeance

If you've been wondering what this week's sketch theme (Catfoot Crogan) is about then you just haven't been around the ATL campus to watch Chris Schweizer in action! The character is from Crogan's Vengeance, the first in an ongoing series of graphic novels, published by Oni Press, focusing on the family Crogan. We've been honored to watch him develop this phenomenal property and know if people get half as excited when it hits the shelves as we are now, Chris will have one hell of a hit on his hands! We'll be posting more about his series of books in the coming weeks counting down to the public release on October 29th. For now check out Newsarama's interview of Chris and go to Oni Press to purchase your own advanced copy!

Available: October 29th!


Rick Lovell said...

Prof. Schweizer,
Congratulations on Crogan's Vengeance. It looks awesome! I'm in line for a copy as soon as it's released, ready for your personal signature.
Great job, and I hope it's just the start of a long and lucrative career.

Shawn Crystal said...

Congrats Chris!!!! Looks GREAT, and I'm sure it'll be a read for the ages.