Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crystal's work featured on

Shawn Crystal has been helping Jeremy Haun and Phil Noto on bringing NBC's television show "Chuck" to comics! Wildstorm is the publisher behind the project. Sadly, Shawn is going uncredited but his work looks great! Specifically, he inked pages on issues one, three, and five. Check out's article on the series where you can also view interactive and animated versions of the issues. For more information about the printed issues go here on Wildstorm's website. Way to go, Shawn!

And if you're keeping track, that is two ATL faculty with work in the news just this week!


Rick Lovell said...

Kudos to Shawn on the Chuck project! Too bad you didn't get props, but we all know how awesome you are.

Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks Rick!

Illink said...

Congrats Shawn!