Saturday, October 25, 2008


The Generate 24-Hour event was more successful than anyone could have hoped! In total we had over 200 students in attendance and a large portion of that stayed the entire time. SEQA and ILLU worked closely together on many challenges including the traditional 24-Hour Comics challenge, Firebreather pin-up, Children's Book illustrations, and Captain Planet super heroes/villians.

You can view all of the entires for Captain Planet at the Generate Blog here!

You can also view what Rick Lovell in ILLU had go down for Firebreather as well as their own children's book challenge on the Generate Blog here. Those Firebreather pin-ups are going to be sent to Phil Hester shortly to be considered for publication!

Many of the other challenges have also been posted up so check out what other departments had going on at the same blog.

As for the traditional 24-Hour Comics challenge that was the foundation for this entire event, our Grand Prize Winner was Travis Evans! He won a copy of Adobe CS4 Design Premium for completing his comic first. Congratulations, Travis! Here's his entry:

Irene Strychalsky was our runner up winning her own 6x8 Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. Her entry came in right under the gun! Check it out:

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Dianna B. said...

that was so much fun, we should have one every quarter <3