Saturday, October 4, 2008

Publishers' Forum '08

The sign up sheet for the info sessions will be on Shawn's door, room 346, starting Monday! James Lucas Jones and Axel Alonso will have info sessions at 11am and 2pm. Chris Staros will have an info session only at 11am. Make sure to add your name so you don't miss out on the editors you want to hear from. Their sessions will contain information on their individual company's business practices, what they look for in a portfolio, and more valuable insider knowledge!


Dianna B. said...

so that is like...the best Publishers Forum poster we have ever had....ever

Jackie Lewis said...

I've read this poster three times, and I'm still laughing my patootie off, Nolan!!

Brenda L. said...

I'm not even a sequential student and I love this poster. Is that Pat Quinn on the far right regretting letting them make the poster? Awesome.