Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 Anthology Cover Submissions

Every year the SEQA Department publishes an anthology of excellent student, alumni, and faculty work. Well, this year's theme is "pantomime" and there is a competition for the cover! With only a couple of week's notice, the ATL campus has two covers to throw into the ring. They are packaged, built to specs, digital press-ready, wrap-around covers! Let's hope ATL wins the honor of being on the front of this year's anthology! What you see in the images below is "back cover>spine>front cover".

Olu Ajagbe's is gorgeous and leaves plenty of room for copy to be added to the back. Great way to tie into the theme: "Shhhhh! The book is about to begin."

Nolan Woodard took a stab at the cover with this sci-fi image. There's no sound in space which works well with the theme too.


Jackie Lewis said...

They're both so beautiful! Congrats also to Nolan and Doug for having their stories picked for the Anthology!

Megs said...

What would make anything more perfect? Nolan and Doug's stories in the book and Olu's cover. I'd totally have to have all three of you guys sign my copy. Hell I want both covers as prints for my wall. :D Good going guys!

Cara M. said...

Congrats to Nolan and Doug! Is there still time to submit a cover image? I'm just about done with mine, although after seeing these, I'm feeling a bit intimidated about submitting it *lol*

Trevor P. said...

congrats all around! I cannot wait to get my hands on this book.

Dianna B. said...

I love the covers! But I love Olu's the most because of the theatrical history of it ^^
Hope one of those gets picked!!