Saturday, February 9, 2008

Get Well, Shawn!

Hopefully our over-worked, uber-talented, Jesus-look-a-like, professor Shawn Crystal will be well enough this weekend to check online to see this... and not delete it! We had a special sketch challenge on Friday just for you, Shawn. Get well!

Jackie Lewis has her own idea as to what sickness Shawn might have. If only she were right!

A portrait of our fallen professor by Darnell Johnson!

Allen Spetnagel tells you to stay away from sweets!

Cara McGee hopes you get a break soon!

Even ANIM students like Dianna Bedell hope you get well!


Shawn Crystal said...

Thank you all for the support. Now, you all fail!

Jackie Lewis said...

This is about the third "fail" threat coming from you, Shawn. I'm gonna stop believing you soon! (Also, it's great to have you back!)