Thursday, February 28, 2008

Art Forum Challenge!

I'll let Allen's own words describe this sketch: The Art Forum provided me with the opportunity to interact with two great artists, and I got an encouraging critique from Eric Canete, who said that despite my cartoony style, I was able to build a cohesive (albeit simple) world for my characters. He also said that Doug and I are from the same planet, just different countries. We all know, however, that Doug is from another planet. LOOK OUT--DOUGDABBZILLA IS COMING!!!

Megs tells us she learned alot from Andrew Robinson's portfolio review and Eric Canete's 90-minute workshop on working smarter, not just faster; something her editor at The Connector really values (as well as all faculty)!

Eric Canete's 90-Minute Sketch demo really inspired Doug to try this 90-Minute Conan! Nice work!

Here is Dianna Bedell opening up our art forum inspired sketch challenge for the week!


Mirella said...

Wowowow!!! Cool!

Shawn Crystal said...

You all are awesome. Allen you're beyond awesome!

Megs said...

Dougdabbzilla. Yes. That is completely brilliant. XD