Friday, February 29, 2008

Paintings and Maquettes and Fun - Oh my!

Another Friday, another Temple meeting! We're always getting together to have fun working in a pseudo-studio environment but this week it went a bit beyond the normal variety of inking and drawing techniques.

This Friday we had Shawn Crystal working with students on paintings for his SEQA310 Painting for Comic Covers class. It involves using a tonal drawing as the under-painting then fixing it and using a subtractive technique with darks on lights to bring out highlights and create shape and volume. While Shawn works on looking fashionable in his apron as he paints Etrigan the Demon, the student covers are being produced with Bruce Timm's Two-Face story "Two of a Kind" in mind.

As Crystal and his students are eating up the painting project, Nolan Woodard and his students work on maquettes for SEQA224 Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation. Some students are making tie-wearing apes, crazy Kinko's employees (don't ask), and a self-portrait while Nolan creates an evil scientist. Cara McGee (below) is making a zombie holding its own arm like a weapon! Once painted, a little gloss coat in the right places will make that stump of an arm really look *dry-heave* fresh.

Oh yeah, and Happy Leap Day, everyone!


Rick said...

You SEQA guys will publicize showing up on a Friday? Maybe I should post to the ILLU blog when my 8:00 class is on time!
Just joshin'... You guys are rockin' it, and I love the enthusiasm.

Nolan Woodard said...

Look who is trolling! Thanks, Rick! Speak of rockin' it, we really appreciate ILLU and everything you do for us. The mingling between departments just makes us all stronger.