Monday, February 4, 2008

Painting Demo by Olu

Last Friday we met as usual for our sketch jam and challenge but grad student Olu Ajagbe graced us with a quick painting demonstration too. The turn out was fantastic and Olu really showed off his talent!

Here's Olu relaxing after showing the department his painting process.

Shawn Crystal and students look on as the 300 inspired demo comes to life. And keep in mind, no one is required to come! Our students enjoy hanging out and learning from one another on their own time. It's a great department!

And here are the reference photo, pencil sketch, and quick painting Olu used and created during the demo.

Finally, a more refined painting Olu did before the demo so we could all see the technique pushed further when he's not limited by time. Nice work, Olu!


Shawn Crystal said...

Thanks Olu, This Rocked!

Jackie Lewis said...

Thank you again for the demo, Olu. You're awesome!